Piedmont Columbus - (OOH)


In thinking of how to establish Piedmont’s presence at a Soldier Marathon, we wanted to do something more than a simple sponsorship or generic ad in a program. We also wanted to pay homage to our past and present heroes, while also having something experiential for participants in the race. So, we decided to create a giant outdoor banner that was 7 feet tall and 75 feet long. Displayed on the banner, there were soldiers from World War 2, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. All the soldiers were running in the same direction, and the images blended together to create a photo montage. Military boot footprints were also stenciled along the running path leading up to the banner. As participants in the race eventually ran by the banner, it looked as if they were running into battle with military members throughout history. This concept played into the overall messaging displayed on the stencils and on the banner. Piedmont Columbus Regional. Supporting our military community every step of the way.





Creative Director

RT Herwig

Art Director

Deanna Chisholm


Evan Beasley

Photo Retoucher

Andy Cargile