Bill-E's (Posters, Print)


William “Bill E” Stitt has given his bacon focused, laid back, show up as you are, and let it all hang out restaurant a new name, his – BILL-E’s – and needed a new campaign to promote it. As Bill-E’s long-time advertising agency we were up for the challenge. But we weren’t looking to create just any ad campaign – we wanted something that was bold, loud, gluttonous, and like his bacon…sizzled. So we went to work developing several concepts before ultimately landing on the oddly humorous yet highly effective “pigtails” work featured here. To bring the campaign to life we partnered with Philadelphia-based photographer, Steve Belkowitz and retoucher, Anthony Morrow of PXL.HOUSE. We even went as far as working with a taxidermy artist to make the tails (yes real pigtails) and then in post-production added them onto the bellies of the hungry talent we photographed. So far the work has been a success and is being featured in Lürzer’s Archive Magazine, Ads of The World, and Graphis Gold. Oink.



Creative Director

RT Herwig


Jason Corbin


Ryan Gernenz

Sr. Copy

Patton Smith


Steve Belkowitz


Anthony Morrow / PXL.House