Boomtown Casino (Print, National)


Pinnacle Entertainment’s iconic Boomtown brand was tired, bland and relegated to an afterthought by many. Until Masterminds came in and brought some noise. To jump-start an image overhaul, we hit the books, the pavement, and the coffee until we unearthed the insight that people were into the local vibe and familiarity of Boomtown. It wasn’t just their casino. It was their joint. A place where they could knock back a few drinks among friends, get into a little trouble and just be themselves.To bring this “speakeasy” experience to life, we created the “Welcome to Boomtown” campaign complete with a rich backstory. Boomtown was reloaded with a provocative attitude and a brash, bold look. Not unlike those customers who are the heart and soul of this joint.


Creative Director + Art Director


Masterminds Advertising

Photography By:

Steve Belkowitz

Art Directors:

Jim Garrison, JP Blanchet, Chris Holland


Joe Morano, Zack Kinslow


Jen Fink, Ryan Leeds