Southern Comfort (Social, National)

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In 2015, Red Square was tapped to join the global brand team for Southern Comfort as the U.S. digital agency. To call this account fun would be an understatement. We’ve gotten to know and work with very smart people from Brown-Forman, Wieden+Kennedy, MediaVest, MWW and TPN Retail — a great group.

While Wieden+Kennedy pushed their traditional campaign with Danny McBride and Taiwanese animation, RSQ was the lead social agency for Southern Comfort from 2015-2017. This was some of our better work all done with an extremely limited budget.


Creative Director


Southern Comfort


Jordan Kabalka, John Medzerian, John Avent, Heidi Boor, Rachel Wright


Chris Davis, Lauren Merril, Keller Reeves, Wesley Wyatt, Hutton Graham, Rich Sullivan

Project Manager:

James Grillo